Excursion château Amboise + clos Lucé

Explore the manor of the Clos Lucé and discover the secrets of this exceptionnal home


  • 3h30
  • Price

  • 40,00 € par personne
  • À partir de 4 pers. : 33,00 € par personne
  • In the heart of town of Amboise, the Clos Lucé is one of the jewels of the Renaissance. It is the only building made of brick and limestone (extracted from the river banks quarries) and one of most well-furnished dwellings of the region.

    Built in 1471 as a stronghold depending on the Amboise castle, the Clos Lucé had several owners until it was bought by Charles the 8th and became a summer house for the royal family.

    In 1516, François the 1st invited Leonardo Da Vinci to come to Amboise and gave him the Clos Lucé as a dwelling. The genius stayed in the manor for only three years, until his death on May 2nd 1519. As the last home of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Clos Lucé is listed as National Heritage.

    In the basement and the park of the Clos Lucé, you will discover the inventions of the genius : mechanical, hydraulic, optic, civil and military engineering as well as sailing and aeronautics.

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