Excursion château d'Amboise

Excursion in the castle of Amboise, visit the castle and take a stroll in its splendid gardens


  • 3h30
  • Price

  • 40,00 € par personne
  • À partir de 4 pers. : 33,00 € par personne
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    • Réduction entrée au château

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    In the dawn of the Renaissance, the medieval fortress of Amboise gave way to a royal dwelling under the reigns of kings Charles the 8th and François the 1st.

    A lot of european thinkers and artists spent time in Amboise, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, who is buried in the Chapel of the castle. This center of French history will offer you a wide collection of gothic and Renaissance furniture.

    After visiting the royal dwellings and the massive towers made for ascending on horseback, you will get a chance to walk around the gardens and enjoy the overlooking stunning view on the Loire.

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