Zoo de Beauval

Come and discover the magic of Beauval zoo and be transported in the heart of the animal kingdom


  • De 2 à 4 personnes : 149,00 €
  • De 5 à 8 personnes : 165,00 €
  • Listed amongst the 15 most beautiful zoos of the world, Beauval zoo is a magical place where you can meet more than 5700 animals in an enchanting setting.

    Located in Saint Aignan, in the midst of a wonderful parc dedicated to the animal well-being, Beauval zoo offers a journey through the animal kingdom. You would be given to admire the beauty of rare and protected species such as koalas, okapis, manatees, kangaroos, white tigers and lions and of course the giant pandas, real symbols of the protection of threatened species, hosted in a fabulous chinese setting.

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